Lauren Kruger

Lauren KrugerWith an architectural background, I approach the research, design and use of space with a particular interest in non-visual aspects of design. After obtaining a BSc Interior Architecture (Hons) degree at the University of Pretoria, I started my design career as a lighting designer, where I developed an appreciation for the close link between the experience of space and human senses.

While practicing as an Interior architect I designed and delivered, within a team, innovative activity-based workplaces for leading companies in South Africa. My dual project design and research role at the time, enabled me to focus on workplace strategy while also gaining project experience. This lead me to my current role as an advocate for sound in the South African built environment for Ecophon Saint-Gobain where I research the changing world of work; factors which influence productivity and wellbeing in the workplace with a focus on sound, psychoacoustics and user choice. Recently I have broadened my scope of interest to include the changing world of education, particularly looking at innovative learning environments. Being part of a global network of Ecophon concept developers, situated in several different countries also allows for a unique comparison of global built environment industries. I am also prouldy part of the Saint-Gobain team which founded the inaugural Africa Architecture Awards.

My visually dominant design background coupled with my expertise in non-visual aspects of design such as sound, light, activity and behavior, enable me to bring a broad and deep understanding on how to better design and better use work and education spaces.
When I am not exploring the world of the built environment, you will find me oil painting and building internal emotion architecture.