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Accessibility - how to mount and de-mount Ecophon ceiling systems



Below you will find information about the mounting and and de-mounting possibilities for Ecophon ceiling systems and what to consider before getting started.

At the bottom of the page is a table with values for minimum overall depth of system and minimum depth for demountability for Ecophon products.


Plan the ceiling layout for maximum demountability

Ecophon offers a range of ceiling systems with full demountability, even with concealed suspension systems.
However, the demountability can be limited on individual ceiling panels due to:

  • cable management
  • ventilation equipment
  • lighting installations

Therefore it is important to carefully plan the ceiling layout and follow the plans throughout the installation. 
If you need an installation passage, we recommend using the Connect T15/T24 Cross tees, which can be
demounted even in the middle of a ceiling area.

Consider how often you need access to the void

In some cases you will need access to the void above the ceiling on a frequent basis. We then recommend using:

  • Hinged ceiling panels (Ecophon Access). These systems provide complete accessibility with no obstructing profiles.
  • Inspection panels (Connect Inspection panel) This panel can be integrated in the ceiling, where access to the void is frequently needed, e.g under stop valves.

How the void above a ceiling panel is measured

The void above the ceiling panel is measured in minimum overall depth of system Δ  (o.d.s.) and minimum depth for demountability δ (m.d.d.). Find specific values for the different Ecophon ceiling systems in the table below. 

Accessibility, vertical dimensions, illustration for overall depth of system, M01


Minimum overall depth of systemthe dimension from the underside of the structural soffit to the underside of the suspended ceiling


Minimum depth for demountability: the dimension required to fit and demount individual ceiling panels. It is measured from the underside of the suspended ceiling.


The Δ o.d.s.is measured, while the figures for the required δ m.d.d. are empirically assessed. In practical terms, this means that the measurements might vary slightly depending on the skill and experience of the installer.



- Clean cotton gloves should always be worn to avoid soiling the ceiling during demounting
  or maintenance work
- Avoid placing panels in the void, since they might be damaged by sharp profile edges, etc.


Accessibility and demountability for Ecophon ceiling systems  

Demountability Ceiling system Minimum overall depth of system Δ (mm) Minimum depth for demountability δ (mm)
Easily demountable, complete accessibility Master Matrix 255 105-180
Easily demountable Focus A 50-100 120-130
  Focus Dg 65-115 30
  Focus Ds 105 30
  Focus E 60-110 120-160
  Focus Lp 120 20
  Master A 50-100 170-200
  Master Ds 95-140 50
  Master E 60-110 170
  Gedina A 50-100 120-130
  Gedina E 60-110 90-160
  Advantage A 50-100 100-130
  Advantage E 60-110 90-120
  Sombra A 50-100 130-170
  Sombra Ds 105 30
Demountable Focus A XL  40-100  65-100
  Focus Dg XL & 1200x1200  65 30-55 
  Focus Ds XL & 1200x1200 55-105   30-50
  Focus E XL 50-110  75-110 
  Hygiene Performance A 50-100  150-170 
  Super G 150-200  200-250 
  Master Rigid A 100  120-170 
  Master Ridig E 110  120-170 
  Master Rigid Dp 115  20 
  Solo 120-500 
Non-demountable Focus B 23
  Focus C 23
  Focus F 20 
  Focus SQ 23 
  Master B 43 
  Master C 43 
  Master F 40 
  Master SQ 23 
  Super G B 43 



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 Saint-Gobain Ecophon AB
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Contact us

+91 22 40212121
+ 91 22 40212392
 Saint-Gobain Ecophon AB
 5th Level, Leela Business Park,
 Andheri Kurla Road,
 Andheri (E) 
 Mumbai - 400 059