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To ensure the durability of Ecophon ceiling tiles, a couple of general recommendations should always be followed:

  • Perform regular maintenance of the ventilation system
  • Avoid pressure differences between the plenum and the room
  • Wear clean cotton gloves when handling the tiles

The common cleaning methods for ceiling tiles require the use of a soft microfibre cloth (made of minimum 70% polyester):

  • Dry cleaning: wipe directly with the soft microfibre cloth in gentle, circular movements or with vacuum cleaner set at reduced suction with a soft brush or alternatively with the soft microfibre cloth wrapped around the standard head. Gently vacuum the surface, with very soft contact between the cleaner head and the panels in linear movements.
  •  Wet wiping: saturate the microfibre cloth with water or with a mild detergent solution adapted to indoor painted surfaces. Wipe in circular movements and with moderate pressure.

Note: The use of clips on the back of the panels facilitates cleaning.

Always refer to a product’s technical datasheet to ensure its compatibility with the described cleaning methods. For more information about advanced cleaning methods, please check the Advanced cleanability page.