Innovating sustainably

Sustainability is top of mind for Ecophon R&D teams, and the focus in their work on the future of indoor acoustic solutions.

Starting with sustainability

Innovation is a core value of the Ecophon Group, and sustainability is its driver. We are continually working on new and better ways to have a sound effect on people, and sustainability naturally plays a big role. It influences the new development projects we pursue, for instance prioritising those aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of our solutions. Sustainability criteria also helps us in our choice of components, and which suppliers and partners we will work with.

Attention-grabbing innovation

For the ninth consecutive year, the Saint-Gobain Group, of which Ecophon is a part, has been ranked as one of the Clarivate Analytics “Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators.” The award recognises the expertise and commitment shown by our teams to provide our customers with new and differentiated solutions to major societal issues, including sustainability.

The multiplying power of together

Within the Saint-Gobain Group, Ecophon is taking an active part in the “Reducing our CO2 footprint” R&D programme that leverages synergies between the various R&D teams within the Group. This programme has three main components: promoting the transfer of good practices and low carbon technologies, prospecting and information-sharing on new low-carbon technologies and the development of technical skills for a rapid and effective mastery of these new technologies.