Using less to do more

Our circular business model includes less use of new raw materials, and more rational use of the ones we consume.

Reusing to reduce

The majority of the glass wool in our acoustic absorbers is made from recycled glass, giving them a high post-consumer recycled content level of at least 34%. We work closely with our suppliers to maximise the recycled content of the steel in our Connect grids. Our cardboard packaging has a minimum recycled content of 30%.

Full recyclability

Our ceiling tiles are fully recyclable. We currently work closely with our partners to turn ceiling tiles into new construction materials and possibly even new ceiling tiles. Our grids are made of steel and can be easily recycled locally. Our main packaging material is also entirely recyclable.

Closing the loop

SoundCircularity™ is the Ecophon programme that brings together all of the projects that, together, complete a true circular business model. The recently-introduced SoundCircularity™ recycling service is part of that, helping our customers reduce their own environmental footprint by recycling Ecophon ceiling tiles at the end of their service life. The service is available now in some pilot markets, and will be gradually extended to all our markets.


You can find all information about the recycled content in our products and recycling possibilities in our download centre.