Our Acoustic Plaster System

The fade® acoustic plaster is a high-quality plaster system that absorbs unwanted noise in a variety of environments. As an acoustic plaster solution that is applied to walls and ceilings, the highly absorbent properties enable optimal room acoustics in large rooms.

"Everything is possible"

The possibilities with the fade® acoustic plaster are endless. The flexible fade® acoustic plaster system is a restrained alternative to other acoustic solutions, such as e.g. B. suspended ceilings.

Acoustic Plaster can be applied to virtually any surface, including straight and curved walls, extreme angles or domed domes, offering a more flexible, understated alternative to other acoustic solutions.

A flexible & design award-winning system

It is a seamless acoustic solution with NRC values of up to 1.0 that is applied to walls and ceilings. The highly absorbing properties enable optimal room acoustics in large rooms as well as in leisure and restaurant rooms.

Mounting types

  • Direct mount - The acoustic panel is attached directly to a plasterboard, concrete, or wooden substrate either with an approved adhesive or mechanically with special fade® washers.
  • Installation with substructure - The acoustic panel is mounted directly on an acoustic plaster carrier panel/substructure with the fade® special washers.
  • fade® acoustic plaster without acoustic panel - The acoustic plaster is sprayed directly onto a primed plasterboard or a concrete substrate with a total thickness of 3 mm.

The advantages at a glance



The acoustic plaster is anti-static and inorganic, making it maintenance-free and very easy to repair. The system is very durable, highly UV and moisture resistant, anti-static and can be recoated, making it very durable in all regions of the world

We think about the environment

We care about the environment and climate and take pride in making fantastic and eco-friendly products. In 2018 the acoustic plaster was certified with Cradle to Cradle v3.1 Silver Level.

Color & Light Reflection

Standard color: white
Light reflectance of up to 93%
The plaster is inorganic and antistatic and keeps its natural color for years.
The plaster can be colored in all RAL and NCS colors.

Innovation and sustainable production

The recipe is Swedish and the production takes place in our factory in Denmark using materials that come from Europe.
We continually develop our products to ensure we have the best acoustic plaster in the market.

Room acoustics & fire behaviour

With NRC values of up to 1.0, our systems have great absorption properties.

The system has been tested according to EN 13823:2020 and ASTM E84 and thus achieves A2-s1,d0 or class A.

Indoor climate

All our products have passed the ASTM D3273 test for resistance to mould growth on the surface of interior coatings. With a VOC content of only 0.02 g/L and certification according to French regulations A+, our products comply with the LEED reference standard.

Our systems are CE marked according to the EU harmonized standard EN13964:2014. CE marked construction products require a Declaration of Performance (DOP) which allows customers to easily compare the performance of products available on the EU market.


Attractive acoustic solutions with the fade® seamless acoustic plaster

Jätkäsaari School, Finnland
Educational institutions

Das Louvre, France

V&A Museum, China



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