Morten Roar Berg

Morten_Berg_portrait.jpgMy business is to make stuff sound great and it is my ambition to help tune the world as it is my understanding that sound and acoustics in the human habitat of the modern world is severely underappreciated. And before we can create a world where people are not constantly being affected negatively by noise both physiologically, psychologically and socially, we must first remedy this problem.

Everyone must understand, appreciate and factor in sound in their cities, organizations and products. And I mean everybody, from craftsmen over designers and all the way to the politicians. This is what I am for now. A sound and sustainable modern world for people to live and work.

In my education as a sound designer I was introduced to acoustic design in relation to architecture and found the first steps of my future career path. Later I worked as an acoustic designer at the Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group where I worked with acoustic design in the early stages of the building design. I later wrote my internship report and thesis on integration and implementation of acoustic design in architectural design.

I was lucky enough to come upon Ecophon and was employed here right after finishing my studies. During my time as a local concept developer I have supported acoustic design efforts on more projects that I can count and have done well over a 100 presentations on the subject over just three years. Now, I work globally and function as strategist, producer, communicator and team leader to my fellow concept developers all over the world.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of use to you, your organization or your community, or follow me in social media, see above.