Carsten Svensson

Carsten Svensson

Carsten SvenssonWhen I joined Ecophon I came across the book “Deaf Architects and Blind Acousticians?”, by Robert E. Apfel. This introduction to the subject of architectural acoustics made me very curious. How come there can be such a gap between the two professions, but actually also between what you see and what you hear? They should be merged into a comfort on a higher level – a good indoor environmental quality. Thus, in a society strongly dominated by what you see, I then embarked on a journey focused on what you hear – or not hear.

Music and linguistics opened my ears to the sounds of our world from early on. The sound of rock and pop or Chinese Mandarin contributed to an understanding of audio as a powerful element. And now, since long, I am passionate about creating good room acoustic comfort for people. Paving the way for the good sounds, and taking away the bad ones.

So, feel free to contact or link up with me if you want to know more about how sound affect people and how we can create a good sustainable built environment - together.



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