Offsite and Modular Construction

In this episode our concept developer Shane Cryer discusses the importance of meeting acoustic standards in Offsite and Modular Construction within education – joined by guests Pete Blunt from off-site construction specialist Innovare and Peter Rogers from Sustainable Acoustics.

The schools buildings that support children’s education are under more pressure than ever before. Classroom need to accommodate both new technologies and teaching styles, alongside with increased group work and in some areas increasing class sizes.  However the way in which we process auditory information has not changed, with appropriate acoustics proven to be an important part of a successful classroom design.

With the school age population rapidly expanding, many school projects are utilising off-site or modular construction methods to reduce project times. In this episode Shane Cryer explores the subject off off-site construction for educational environments and the importance of acoustic standards, especially in SEN (Special Educational Needs) buildings, and the benefits of considering acoustics in the early design phase of an environment.

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