Workplace Trends Bonus Podcast

Welcome to Ecophon’s bonus podcast – Office Design Trends for 2017 - recorded live at Workplace Trends.

On March 22nd at Kings Place, Ecophon sponsored the 15th year of Workplace Trends. As far back as 2012 the conference highlighted the connections between health, wellbeing and performance in the workplace. This year, the conference looked in depth at the topics of Wellbeing and Productivity highlighting new research through case study-driven presentations from industry experts. 

This bonus podcast includes short interviews with attendees and speakers from the conference, highlighting the importance of awareness in health and wellbeing when constructing a building. Frans Davidsson from Ecophon highlights the price of improving the working environment is not a cost, but “an investment in your people”. Nicola Gillen supports this through discussing ‘people are the primary aspect’ in new builds.

#Wtrends is about bringing people together for a different perspective of the workplace. As Nigel Oseland explains; this knowledge of the effect of improving our wellbeing at work has been discussed for many years however have only just begun to make a large impact in office designs.

Each of the speakers will be featured in subsequent podcasts, where we shall explore their topics in more detail. The first of these will be released 7/4/17.

The presentations at Workplace Trends included:

    • Re-Thinking Nature for the Workplace - Richard James MacCowan, Biomimicry UK
    • Biophilic Design – How improving the human connection with nature in the workplace benefits the triple bottom line - Oliver Heath, Oliver Heath Design
    • Can workplace design really enhance innovation & creativity? - Nigel Oseland, Workplace Unlimited
    • ‘See’ what I ‘mean’? How light affects the way we feel - Dominic Meyrick, Hoare Lea
    • Using Building Data to Predict Wellbeing and Productivity - Trevor Keeling, Buro Happold
    • The WELL Building Standard - Victoria Lockhart & Sarah Welton, International WELL Building Institute
    • The first WELL Certified building in Europe - Case Study - Alan Fogarty, Cundall
    • Healing Offices and D/Science - Anicee Bauer and Coen van Dijck, D/DOCK
    • Wellbeing – Could work be good for you? - Nicola Gillen, AECOM
    • Workplace Technology Innovation - Improving Collaboration and Productivity - Mike Adams, VEGA Europe


Learn more about Workplace Trends here.