Relaxing and enjoying a meal

A canteen or cafeteria is a place where people should be able to relax and enjoy both the food and the company of others. Speaking and listening comfort must be high so everybody, including people with hearing loss, can participate in the conversations.

The typical canteen is a large open space with a high soffit. If left unattended, sound will bounce off hard surfaces creating echoes that will spread in all directions. Sound levels will increase, creating a very stressful and uncomfortable environment.


  • To prevent the sound level from escalating
  • To keep sound from spreading in all directions and to adjacent areas


  • Sound absorbers covering the ceiling and as much of the walls as possible
  • Use absorbing screens to create seating areas and to create a divider between the people eating and the people walking past the canteen
  • Location-wise it is recommended that canteens are placed away from areas that are especially sensitive to disturbing noise

Acoustic considerations

Recommended products for canteens