Good acoustics in cafeteria will:

  • facilitate a relaxing and enjoyable meal
  • decrease sound propagation to adjacent areas
  • improving speaking and listening comfort

A canteen or cafeteria is a place where people should be able to relax and enjoy both the food and the company of others. Speaking and listening comfort must be high so everybody, including people with hearing loss, can participate in the conversations.

The typical canteen is a large open space with a high soffit. If left unattended, sound will bounce off hard surfaces creating a reverberant area. Sound levels will increase, creating a very stressful and uncomfortable environment.

Acoustic challenge

  • Preventing the sound level from escalating.
  • Keeping sound from spreading in all directions and to adjacent areas.
  • Improving speech clarity so that speaking and listening comfort will be high.

Hygiene challenge

  • Type of stain: Dust and food stain.
  • Cleaning frequency: Occasional.
  • Type of cleaning: Dry cleaning, wet wiping and disinfection.


  • Use sound absorbers covering the ceiling and as much of the walls as possible.
  • Location wise it's recommended that canteens are placed away from areas that are especially sensitive to disturbing noise.
  • Utilize screens and smaller walls supporting direct sound reduction.

Recommended products for canteens

For best results, we recommend combining solutions from the list below. Please visit the corresponding product page specified in the table to identify what solution best fit your needs. 

Ceiling solutions Free-hanging solutions Wall solutions
Master Solo Akusto Wall A
Hygiene Meditec A   Akusto Wall C
Hygiene Meditec E    
Hygiene Clinic A     
Hygiene Clinic E    
Hygiene Performance A