Good acoustics in entrances will:

  • reduce stress levels in the care facility entrance
  • improve privacy at the reception desk
  • reduce propagation of sound to other areas

The ideal entrances and break-out spaces are inviting, comfortable and stress-free. Patients and staff should easily be able to move around, have conversations, ask questions, wait for assistance and find their way. But if acoustics is not given enough attention, sound will bounce off all the hard surfaces, leading to reverberance  and escalated sound levels. 

Acoustic challenge

  • Keeping the overall sound level from escalating.
  • Reducing reverberance.
  • Ensuring privacy at the reception desk.
  • Etopping sound from spreading to other areas in the building.

Hygiene challenge

  • Type of cleaning: Dust.
  • Cleaning frequency: Occasional.
  • Type of cleaning: Dry cleaning, wet wiping and disinfection.


  • Use a sound-absorbing ceiling with good absorption qualities.
  • Add lowered sound absorbing free-hanging units directly above the reception desk.
  • Add wall absorbers on the wall behind the desk. 

Product recommendations 

For best results, we recommend combining solutions from the list below. Please visit the corresponding product page specified in the table to identify what solution best fit your needs. 

Ceiling solutions Free-hanging solutions Wall solutions
Focus Solo Akusto Wall A
Hygiene Meditec A   Akusto Wall C
Hygiene Meditec E    
Hygiene Clinic A     
Hygiene Clinic E    
Hygiene Performance A