Waiting areas are often located within a corridor or an open space. A lot of waiting rooms have a counter where people can speak to a nurse or administrative staff.

Patients and the staff should easily be able to have private conversations, without the risk of people overhearing.

Acoustic challenge

  • Reducing noise levels.
  • Improving speech clarity.
  • Keeping sound from spreading throughout the space.

Hygiene challenge

  • Type of stain: Dust and microbes.
  • Cleaning frequency: Occasional.
  • Type of cleaning: Dry cleaning, wet wiping and disinfection.


  • Use a sound-absorbing ceiling with high performance.
  • Use wall absorbers. If there is a counter, the wall absorbers should be placed on the walls close to the counter.
  • Add a sound absorbing free-hangingin the ceiling above the counter to increase speech clarity and privacy.

Recommended products for waiting areas

Ceiling solutions Free-hanging solutions Wall solutions
Focus Solo Akusto Wall A
Hygiene Meditec A   Akusto Wall C
Hygiene Meditec E    
Hygiene Clinic A     
Hygiene Clinic E    
Hygiene Performance A