Area Sales Manager

Helen Richardson

"I joined Ecophon in 2015 from within the Construction Industry; however Acoustics was a brand new field of learning for me"

Job title: Area Sales Manager

Employed since: 2015

Workplace: Ecophon UK

There’s a lot of knowledge and experience to draw from within the business, so even after the initial training period you’re constantly supported to deliver the best for our customers. 

My role predominantly consists of working with architects to specify projects, right through to providing on-site support to ceiling installers. I really enjoy the variety of the role but also the structured approach in tracking and winning projects. It was clear from the outside that Ecophon is highly regarded within the market, which is backed up by the product itself and the service our team delivers.

We take care of each other here

The atmosphere at Ecophon is very familiar, in the sense that we function a bit like a family; it’s a place where you feel valued and looked after. ‘The family’ is a concept that is unbeatable when it’s functioning, which it does here at Ecophon.

Believes in a future at Ecophon

My goal is to continue my development together with Ecophon. What’s most exciting is that the destination can’t be seen yet, but I’m sure that the future is bright both for me and for Ecophon.”