Connect C3

Published: 12 September 2014

Since the end of 2013, the body of the Connect T24 Main runner C3 and Connect T24 Cross tee C3 is now made from specially treated steel with a high corrosion resistance. No chrome is used, making it more environmentally friendly than previous generation. Curiously, the C3 grid has self-repairing protection, but what does that mean? Connect Product Range Manager, Patrik de la Motte explains;

"C3 grids are installed in demanding environments so previously you had to re-seal the edges if you cut the grid in order to keep the corrosion resisting properties, but with this new technology, there's no need for this. Saving you lots of time and hassle."

Together with Ecophon Hygiene™ absorbers, Connect C3 grids are used in kitchens, food and beverage industries, healthcare premises and other demanding environments.

Download Connect C3 product information sheet.