Focus Lp

Ecophon can now present further improvements to Focus Lp that makes this unique system even more precise. With the new Connect Wall spring and Connect Space bar connector, the accuracy and stability is enhanced, yet providing installers with a system they are familiar with.

“Focus Lp is unique in the sense that it is the only acoustic ceiling on the market that creates a neat, linear feeling in the room, you get a sense of direction and progress in these spaces that can’t be achieved otherwise,” says Ecophon Product Manager Staffan Nilsson.

“However whilst the architects love it, call it elegant and praise the integration with light fixtures, we realised that we needed to clarify our offer and we have therefore divided the system in two, a standard system and a premium system.”

The Focus Lp Standard system includes panels in various sizes which creates a great linear look, however for proven integrated lighting, ventilation and other installations or design possibilities such as panel colours, the Premium system emphasises structure and creates a sleek and tidy ceiling.

Aesthetics on their own doesn’t make great work spaces; another important factor is the acoustic properties of the ceiling. Focus Lp creates a good sound environment by reducing sound levels and shortening the distance speech travels, thereby minimising unnecessary distraction. Ecophon acoustics expert Frans Davidsson explains;

“Noise is one of the main complaints in offices so it is crucial to consider sound propagation, or the distance speech travels, when you design an open space. The product property that specifies how the product reduces sound levels for speech is called Articulation Class (AC) value. I recommend everyone to include an AC value higher than 180 in their specification for o pen-plan offices.”

“Specifying the AC value shows an understanding of the main challenge in open plans; speech propagation. In fact, it will give an increased design opportunity in the interior phase. The interior designer gets a far wider playing field, by choosing the right ceiling,” adds Frans.

The first architect to specify Focus Lp was Tommy Frisk of Frisk Arkitektur AB in Sweden, he explains why he chose this system:

“We always want the best acoustic ceiling and it’s often fun to find an extra attractive solution to areas such as receptions and canteens. Focus Lp was a good alternative, a sleek solution! I particularly like the simplicity and the linearity,” says Tommy.  

The news:

  • Standard and Premium systems, introduction of 300mm panel in the Standard system
  • Connect Wall spring – for positioning the tile
  • Connect Space bar connector – keeps the tiles evenly spaced and stabilises the system
  • Ecophon Line LED lighting – perfect integration with Ecophon Focus Lp
  • Validated integrations with luminaries and ventilation – proven performance 

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