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Administrative areas

Concentrating among others

In administrative areas, such as open-plan offices, cellular offices, meeting rooms and nurses’ rooms, staff need to be able to perform a number of different tasks during the day. Medical secretaries often share the same space, and need to receive information clearly and then enter it correctly into the medical records system.

If left unresolved the acoustic situation in administrative areas can become chaotic with sound spreading everywhere, leading to escalating sound levels along with disturbed and distracted co-workers throughout the space.


  • To support concentration for demanding tasks
  • Keep speech and other sound from spreading in open-plan spaces
  • In smaller spaces - to think about privacy, enhancing communication and avoiding echoes


     For open-plan spaces:

  • A soundabsorbing ceiling with good absorption qualities at speech frequencies
  • Wall absorbers
  • Sound-absorbing screens to divide the area into smaller ones
  • Lowered free hanging units over desks

     For small spaces:

  • Good sound insulation
  • A sound-absorbing ceiling
  • Wall absorbers on two adjacent walls

Acoustic considerations

Recommended products for administrative spaces

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Andrea Harman

Concept Developer - Health Care

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