Oldebroek Town Hall

Project details: Oldebroek Town hall - Netherlands

Architect: Alex Drost, 4D Architecten

Production year: 2014

The ceilings are clean and light which add a great spatial and linear feeling to the room. They match perfectly with the open and contemporary look we wanted for our Client Contact Centre.
Benno van den Hoek, Oldebroek municipality

Contemporary with a recognizable character
The Oldebroek town hall is a special building in terms of architecture, with a symmetrical design and a grid structure of concrete columns. The heart of the building is an atrium that connects the two floors of the town hall. The aim for the new Client Contact Centre located in the town hall was to create a clean, contemporary and stylish appearance, both in colour as well as in materials. 

‘The core values of the new Client Contact Centre is that it should be representative and customer-oriented and we are proud that the centre meets these requirements in all respects,’  says Benno van den Hoek, responsible for the renovation on behalf of the municipality.

Connecting contrasts
The starting point of the design was that the renovation should fit into the existing environment. Alex Drost of 4D architects was responsible for the interior design. “Our aim was to create a contemporary look while maintaining the character of the town hall. For this reason I chose a contemporary design while retaining chararcteristic elements such as the wooden staircase and balustrades. The biggest change was replacing the dark wooden panels in the ceiling. The new acoustic ceiling is lighter but has a powerful linear appearance that refers to the old structure of ceiling battens” says Drost.

The inside and outside connected
The outdoor ceiling at the entrance has the same linearity as the ceiling in the representative areas inside. In the flexible office spaces, Focus Lp is also installed, designed in a staggered pattern.

“The new ceilings are all clean and light and create a pleasant and quiet atmosphere. We have only received positive reactions  from both our employees and our visitors”, says Benno van den Hoek.





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