Free-hanging acoustic baffles in hospital atrium

Bory hospital

Project: Bory hospital

Segment: Healthcare

Country/city: Slovakia, Bory

Architect: at26

Photographer: Tomáš Haverlík

Production year: 2023

International studies confirm that patients need peace and sound sleep for faster recovery, while doctors need good quality working conditions. That also includes good speech intelligibility during communication. In the most modern and newest hospital in Slovakia - The Bory hospital - not only patient rooms, areas for medical professionals, ambulances and entrance halls, but also the dining room and kitchen are equipped with acoustic ceilings.

In addition to functionality, acoustic panels also have an aesthetic value. Design baffles give the space an unmistakable look. In addition to products from the Solo Baffle series, the hospital also used the products Advantage E, Focus E, Hygiene Clinic A, Hygiene Performance A, Hygiene Performance Plus A, Gedina E, Hygiene Protec Air and Focus Lp, all with an emphasis on high hygiene standards. These ceilings can be disinfected easily and even every day.

In total, there are so many acoustic ceilings in the hospital that four Anfield Stadium-style soccer fields in Liverpool could be laid out of them. The grids and perimeter strips for fixing the soffits have a total length of an incredible 115 kilometers.

"We wanted to ensure a high acoustic standard of the interior spaces, which means better working comfort for staff and a more pleasant environment for patients. We have only been open for a few weeks, but already you can hear and feel the positive effect," says Dušan Vávra, Construction manager.