Pool area in spa with free-hanging acoustic baffles with wood appearance and acoustic wall panels in fabric

The Astor Hotel

Project: The Astor Hotel

Segment: Leisure

Country/city: Poland, Jastrzębia Góra

Architect: Studio Projektowe Kowalczyk Gajda

Installer: M Dom sp. z o.o. Oleksandr Ogir

Photographer: Paulina Hinz

Project size: Clipso So Acoustic – 40m2, Gedina A – 300m2, Solo Baffle – 140 pieces

Production year: 2023

The Hotel Astor in Jastrzębia Góra is undergoing a transformation aimed at increasing the number of rooms to around 250, expanding the conference centre, spa, and entertainment centre. This project aims to attract guests seeking luxury and active relaxation, including families with children.

The Kowalczyk Gajda Design Studio, known for harmonising functionality with aesthetics, is responsible for the design, emphasising attention to interior acoustics. The acoustic solutions used, such as Ecophon Solo™ free-hanging baffles, Ecophon Clipso™ wall panels, and Ecophon Gedina™ ceiling panels, are intended to create an enclave of silence and harmony even at full occupancy. The project aims to harmonise with nature and offer a new level of luxury and comfort, attracting both new and returning guests.