Close-up of white acoustic stretch fabric

Acoustic stretch fabrics

Our stretch fabric solutions, Ecophon Clipso™, have been designed to dress ceilings and walls with a seamless, smooth, and decorative surface that improves the acoustic performance of the space. The fabrics can be stretched without using heat and thereby offers a very quick and energy-efficient installation. Moreover, since they are completely customizable and can be adapted to any pre-existing condition, the stretch fabric solutions are just as ideal for renovations as for new constructions of spaces in residential homes, commercial buildings, museums, other public spaces and more.
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Stretch ceilings and walls

Absorber placed behind acoustic stretch fabric

Solution for improved acoustics

For superior acoustic performance, we provide a specific open-structure knitted textile that is installed together with a 10-50 mm acoustic absorber. 


Customised solutions

Acoustic stretch fabric panel hanging in Palais de Tokyo

Framed units

As an alternative to fully covered surfaces, the stretch fabrics are also available as framed shapes such as customisable free hanging units, wall-mounted units, partitions and totems. The shapes can have either a visible or concealed straight aluminium frame or a more elegant bevelled edge. 

More design possibilities with print

The stretch fabrics can be further customised using high-quality printing. It is possible to print up to 5 m wide fabrics using own images or images from the existing gallery.  

Bedrom with walls covered with printed stretch fabrics



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