Hospital open area with glass ceiling and walls covered with acoustic panels

Acoustic wall panels

While a sound-absorbing ceiling dramatically reduces the overall sound level and sound propagation in a room, bare walls will still create echoes. Our framed wall panel systems and wall absorbers reduce these echoes and will take away unnecessary sound reflections and enhance speech clarity, and make it possible to better hear what people are saying. Moreover, they come in a wide range of shapes and colours thereby opening up for many ways to decorate a space. Which solution you should choose depends on factors such as the area available for sound treatment, acoustic quality of the room as well as the requirements for mechanical resistance.
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Acoustic wall panel systems

Framed acoustic wall panels in classrom

The perfect compliment to an acoustic ceiling for best room acoustics

Our range of wall panel systems are available as framed solutions that also can be used for larger installations such as entire wall sections. The Connect™ profiles and accessories enable the wall absorbers to be mounted in many different ways and with a perfect fit. You can divide the panel into smaller fields to create different patterns, mount it floor to ceiling, vertically, horizontally or as single point installations.



Frameless wall absorbers

Square, rectangular and circular absorbers

Ecophon Akusto™ One is an acoustic wall panel available in square, rectangular and circular shapes. It offers a multitude of design possibilities thanks to the many different formats and colours.

Blue acoustic wall panels in circular shape in open-plan office with people working at their desks and talking to each other
Woman looking at wall with puzzle-shaped wall absorbers

Creative and unique absorbers

Akusto Triangle and Hexagon are the most recently added standard formats that allows creative wall installations. With Akusto Freedom you can take it one step further and design your own custom shapes. 


Special applications

Where speech clarity matters most

Our wall absorber system Akusto Wall C Extra Bass has been specifically developed for learning environments. It increases speech understanding by effectively reducing low frequency noise from sources such as mechanical ventilation, scraping chairs, closing doors, voices, footsteps and traffic.

Teacher and students in classroom with wall absorbers
Nurses and patient in operating room with acoustic wall system

For areas with elevated hygiene standards

Areas such as healthcare facilities, laboratories and cleanrooms need more than just good acoustics - they also have specific hygienic demands. We have wall panel systems that ensure the right demands are met in terms of cleanabilty as well resistance to detergents and disinfectant.

Water repellent wall absorber system

Ecophon Akusto™ Wall C Akutex HS is our wall panel system specifically designed to provide good acoustics in environments with high humidity, corrosivity and occasional direct contact with water.  

Acoustic wall panels in swimming pool area



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