Free-hanging acoustic panels in industrial building

Free-hanging panels and acoustic baffles

Free-hanging acoustic panels--sometimes also called acoustic clouds--and baffles provide a great alternative for projects where a wall-to-wall solution is either not an option, undesired or in need of improvement. Typical applications are acoustic treatment of lobbies, atriums, historic buildings, restaurants or shopping centres, among others. Each acoustic solution comes with its advantages and possibilities.
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Free-hanging acoustic panels

Acoustic baffles in open office landscape

When a wall-to-wall solution is not an option or needs improvement

Acoustic panels can also be used as free-hanging units in addition to a full-coverage solution in areas where many sound sources are present and where sound propagation needs to be controlled. It is possible also to create acoustic quiet zones. Hanging acoustic panels directly over work areas, receptions and information counters or other strategic points throughout the space, can significantly improve poor acoustic.

Creative and unique absorbers

Take your creativity to the next level – Ecophon Solo™ Freedom allows you to draw your own custom shapes for acoustic free-hanging installations. 

Green, leaf-shaped free-hanging panels in conference room


Acoustic baffles

Acoustic baffles in auditorium

For special features and stunning installations

In contrast to acoustic ceiling tiles, our acoustic ceiling baffles are suspended vertically with steel wires from the ceiling. Baffles provide a great option if you would like the ceiling to be highly visible or when you want to capture more daylight from roof windows. Our baffles come in various shapes and colours and with the possibility play with different height positioning, they open up for creative and stunning installations.



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