Ecophon Solo™ Textile

Inspire contemporary luxury through textile and colour. Ecophon Solo™ Textile gives you more ways to express your style through the power of texture.


Ecophon Solo Textile is the original acoustic cloud, covered in textile, once a first of its kind. This free hanging, square shaped sound absorber comes in seven versatile and complementary colours.

With its excellent acoustic qualities, Solo Textile is our bravest example of how design and functionality can harmonise to create an exclusive atmosphere that’s pleasing to the eye, ear and mind.

With a positive contribution to healthy buildings together with a low and transparent environmental footprint, Ecophon Solo Textile panels can help you achieve the highest levels of your green buildings projects.


Check markCombine elements for greater creativity

Adding textile to your design palette gives you more freedom to express a contemporary style


Check markInterior design standards

Acoustic panels with texture and varied tones contribute to an entire sensory experience that aligns seamlessly with even the most demanding of interior design standards


Check markLuxury knitted textile

Characterised by fine ribbing, the fabric gives a soft glow when light shines on the surface to this sound absorbing panel


Read more about Solo Textile including technical information, installation help and detailed sustainablity information.