ISO 22955: Acoustic quality of open offices

About 70% of office workers are dissatisfied with the acoustic conditions in their place of work. Unfortunately, this is not a new issue, but a long-standing problem that can be traced all the way back to the very first open offices.

The origins of office noise and its negative effects on workers are well documented, as are the practical solutions. Unfortunately, office noise consistently ranks as one of the leading complaints of office workers all over the world. There are several likely reasons for the persistence of office noise problems, but one stands out in particular – open offices are very complex sound environments and it has proven hard to design them from an acoustic standpoint. ISO 22955 provides clear instructions and target values for high-quality acoustic design based on a wide range of typical office activities.

This brochure summarises two of the primary ways ISO 22955 provides clear guidelines on the factors that contribute to acoustic quality in open offices. First, it explains general principles for acoustic treatment, room geometry and space layout; and second, it describes typical work place activities and their acoustic characteristics.