Focus integration solutions

In the ceiling, there are many technical services that can be seen as an interruption in the smooth ceiling surface.

It's difficult to achieve a ceiling installation without any interruption, but by choosing the right products for your type of ceiling, the result will be more accurate. To be able to recommend a product that suits our ceilings and gives a nice end result, we coorporate with the following lighting and ventilation companies:


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Lighting integrations for Ecophon Focus™


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Ventilation integrations for Ecophon Focus™


Other integrations for Ecophon Focus™


Note: We may recommend use of lighting or ventilation products that are manufactured and sold by other companies. While we endeavour to direct you to helpful, trustworthy resources, we cannot endorse, approve, or guarantee information and products provided by a third-party company. Thus, we are not responsible for any loss or damage of any sort resulting from the use of, or for any failure of, a third party product. We strictly recommend these products on an “as is” basis.