Part Two - Thoughts from ILETC

Welcome back to our podcast series, this episode is the second of our two-part series recorded at the Transitions Europe conference in September 2017 and continues to reflect upon improving learning environments with insights into teaching styles and collaboration.

In this episode we are joined by education anthologist Mie Guldbaek Broens, discussing how teaching styles and classrooms differ from country to country and how the development of schools is slowly progressing towards learning spaces which consider not only the appearance of the environment but also the sound. 

Mie believes “children are the most important citizens in the world and I want to work to help them become the best they can be” and because of this works as a consultant specializing in learning, communication and educational environments across the globe. Lately she has focused on "teacher collaboration in open learning spaces" and on "acoustic and learning spaces". Her expertise is in the interdependency of physical spaces and social behaviour. Mie also runs a childcare facility in Sydney and has visited and observed schools all over the world.

Listen in and learn more about the changes and progression within educational learning spaces.