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Biophilic design – how nature helps people and business to thrive

Activity-based design, human-centred design, biophilic design. There are several intertwined concepts and approaches to create enjoyable and productive workplaces.

Psychological and pedagogical counselling centre, Warsaw

After the Covid-19 pandemic, children had the greatest difficulty in readjusting to a pre-pandemic environment. For them, there was simply too much noise. Learn how the Psychological and pedagogical counselling centre in Warsaw is working with children suffering from auditory hypersensitivity and how they improved the acoustic comfort in the centre.

Acoustic renovation at Velka Bystrice sports hall, Czech Republic

In the small town Velka Bystrice in Czech Republic, the municipal sports hall plays an integral part of the inhabitants’ lives and daily activities. When built in 2006, the sports hall didn't get any acoustic treatment which led to complaints from trainers, pupils and visitors. An acoustic transformation of the space was needed.

What are Green Building Scorecards for sustainable acoustic products?

Getting a building certified by a Green Building Certification Scheme (eg. LEED, BREEAM, etc) is a complex process. This makes tools for helping projects get certified an essential step in reaping the many benefits of building green. One such tool is a Green Building Scorecard.