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Good acoustics improve performance and customer satisfaction

At the vibrant AppAgent office, a poor and reflective sound environment led to constant disturbances from employees, phone conversations and meetings.

AppAgent Office

Poor speech intelligibility and echos made the management of AppAgent take acoustic measures for a better sound environment.

The seven-step guide to creating a sound office

Here's our step-by-step guide to transforming your office into a work environment where you and your colleagues can feel comfortable and get things done.

Creative Buzz

The new R&D centre of high-tech giant Autodesk in Tel Aviv won the Israeli design prize for 2015.

Peace in an old tobacco factory

Imagine the perfect office – calm, funky and bathed in pools of productive light.

Innovation up to the ceiling

Logistic provider Kuehne + Nagel is praised both inside and outside the company for its new Innovation & Development Center.

What do we think of our offices today?

What do we think of our offices today? And what do they look like? We called up Tim Oldman, founder of Leesman Index.

The unlimited workplace block

Meet Nigel Oseland, one of Britain’s most renowned workplace consultants.  

Acoustic standards: a shared way of looking at products

An increasing number of countries are realizing the importance of national and international acoustic standards. 

Acoustics are central to the New Way of Working

Higher productivity and sick days reduced by half. Results that any manager would love to brag about. At Plantronics, they did it.  

Better acoustic environment equals better decision making

An all-new study shows that a better acoustic environment reduces stress and leads to better decision making.

How to succeed at activity based working

Find out which are the main success factors for activity based working, according to recent research.

The miracle in Thorning

Improved acoustics transformed 14 year old hearing-impaired Signe’s life.

Westerpark School gets to grips with acoustics

The Westerpark School improved the acoustics in three classrooms and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

The innovative learning of Barcelona

The Montserrat convent school has departed from the traditional system of silence and listening to explanations and discussions.

Acoustic ceilings reduce teacher stress

Better classroom acoustics can reduce the teacher’s heart rate.