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Winchester Science Centre

The Winchester Science Centre seized the opportunity provided by Covid-19 lockdowns to improve acoustic conditions by identifying the venue’s “noise hot-spots” and applying a variety of Ecophon’s sound-absorbent solutions.

Revitalizing a Victorian-era school building through improved acoustics

The design of primary school buildings was as different from today in the late 1800s as ideas about the value of education.

Eight pieces of advice for noise prevention

“Big, open plan offices have in many places been a disaster from a noise perspective.” Per Møberg Nielsen, the Danish nestor within noise prevention, does not mince his words about open plan offices.

A fly on the wall gives some insights into office design

What really happens in an office? Can staff focus on their tasks and work effectively at their desks? How are meeting rooms used? Do the results live up to the employer’s expectations?

The Ecophon Door concept

Would it be possible, we thought, to acoustically design an opening between learning spaces, without a door, that prevented sound migrating?

Acoustic Design Guide: Video Conference Rooms

This Acoustic Design Guide contains a quick and accessible introduction to the most important acoustic design aspects of video conferencing rooms.

Deloitte Churchill Square

Deloitte is a busy office in Prague. Ecophon helped to create a calming creative environment, which compliments the neutral interior design.

Pure Storage

Solo™ Baffle form distinct lines to create the perfect modern office environment.

Company restaurant

A busy office restaurant transformed into a peaceful place to gather with colleagues.

Impact of noise in education - A research summary

Explore the definitive evidence linking the impact acoustics and noise has in learning environments and students’ ability to learn.

Effects of noise and stress in healthcare

Pernilla Svensson is a registered nurse, with a master’s degree in cardiovascular care, in Klippan, near Helsingborg in southern Sweden. For the past 20 years, she has worked in a variety of hospital settings.

Serene Birmingham births

Clear communication and a sense of security were crucial to the interior design of the Serenity Midwifery Birth Centre.

The concept of calm

Replacing the old, imperforate metal ceiling with an acoustic ceiling halved activity noise at Sandwell General Hospital in Birmingham.

Healing environments conquer healthcare

The layout and design of Meander Medical Centre are intended to facilitate rest and promote the recovery process.

The accidental healthcare architect

A serious motorcycle accident gave architect Alessandro Caruso a mission: to improve the healthcare environment for patients.