Less noise - higher concentration and focus

To facilitate cleaning in the electronics industry, walls, floors and ceilings have hard surfaces. In combination with continuous background humming and irritating pneumatic hiss, employees are affected negatively, with reduced concentration and lowered productivity as a result. At the same time, any sound-absorbing system installed must meet the strict requirements for clean room classification, and must follow the ISO 14644-1 standard with regard to air particle levels.


  • Reducing countinuous background noise.
  • Following the strict requirements for clean room classification.


Install an Ecophon Hygiene™ system in the ceiling to reduce the noise level. 

Product recommendation

Area requirements Ceiling solutions Free-hanging units Wall solutions
ISO class 5-9 
Particle repellence, weekly wet wiping.
 -  -
ISO class 3-9
Chemical resistance, enclosed tile, daily wet cleaning.
 -  -