Improve the acoustic environment in kitchen areas without compromising cleanability

Restaurant and catering kitchens are workplaces with a high level of noise and banging, which can affect employees negatively, causing fatigue, stress and communication problems. Restaurant and school kitchens are often located next to the dining area, and noise from the kitchen can disturb the diners. At the same time, any acoustic system installed must meet the high cleanability requirements.


  • Ensuring compatibility with cleanability requirements.
  • Reducing the sound level in the kitchen.
  • Reducing sound transmission from the kitchen.
  • Ensuring speech clarity in the kitchen.


  • Use a sound absorbing ceiling from the Hygiene family to reduce the sound level in the kitchen.
  • Add Hygiene wall absorbers to increase the speech clarity and to reduce the sound transmission.
  • If possible, place wall absorbers in proximity to the sound sources.

Product recommendations

Area and requirements Ceiling solutions Free-hanging units Wall solutions
Preparation, storage, portioning.
Stain protection, high pressure washing 2/year

Hygiene Performance Plus A
(Connect C3)

 - Hygiene Performance Wall
(Connect C3
Frying and boiling.
Dirt, grease and chemical resistance, daily high-pressure washing.
Hygiene Advance A 
(Connect C3)
 - Hygiene Advance Wall (Connect C3)