Some areas need solutions with a tolerance for high humidity, such as showers or areas with a pool. Usually built with hard surfaces, these areas are noisy. Good room acoustics will aid safety, improve communication and reduce stress in these areas.

Acoustic challenge

  • Reducing noise levels for safety reasons.
  • Keeping sound from spreading throughout the space.
  • Reducing reverberance, making the area more relaxing.

Hygiene challenge

  • Type of stain: Dust, body fluids and microbes.
  • Cleaning frequency: Frequent or daily.
  • Type of cleaning: Wet wiping, disinfection and high pressure cleaning.


  • Use a sound-absorbing ceiling to lower noise level.
  • Add wall absorbers on one of adjacent walls to decrease sound propagation and increase clarity of speech.

Product recommendations

Ceiling solutions Free-hanging units Wall solutions
Hygiene Advance A Hygiene Performance Baffle Akusto Wall C Akutex HS
Hygiene Performance A Hygiene Advance Baffle Hygiene Advance Wall 
Hygiene Performance Ds   Hygiene Performance Wall