DATE: 2016-03

Ecophon releases comprehensive BIM object product range 

Saint-Gobain Ecophon has released one of the most complete product ranges on for both Revit and ArchiCAD. This means that around 50 ceiling systems are now available on Ecophon BIM Portal, and in BIMobject Apps for Revit and ArchiCAD.

The objects are fully customizable regarding e.g. size options according to the Ecophon´s ceiling systems. This will help users to efficiently plan and implement ceiling solutions in different projects. 

The Revit versions provide installation details and transition drawings.

The ArchiCAD versions allow the users to manually adjust and configure the entire ceiling structure. The ArchiCAD objects contain a link to the correct M sketch for each ceiling solution, and also offers placement of hangers. This to help the user placing pipes and electrical connections above the ceiling.

Within the BIM objects, the users will have access to all necessary information such as:

  • sound absorption classes
  • CO2 emissions
  • links to documentation 

A bill of material can also be generated in the BIM software, which makes it easier to optimise, to reduce waste and to get the best solution for the project.



What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process to create virtual models of a building project.

BIM objects help users to
- visualize design and functionality
- efficiently plan and calculate projects to save time, materials and money.

BIMobject® Cloud reaches 150 000 users and 4 000 000 downloads. This puts BIMObject in a leading position as the BIM object cloud solution for the architecture, engineering and construction industry market.