Run Company

Project: Run Company

Segment: Retail

Country/city: UK

Installer: Nick Slade, N J Slade Carpentry

Photographer: Dan Wilson

Project size: 300m2

Production year: 2022

Run Company are refitting 31 of their stores with a new modern look, included within this new look will be the popular black lay in grid tile, Sombra. Run Company is a running specialist, for both in-store and online purchases. Founded in Chichester, West Sussex, they are now serving runners in across the south. Run Company offer expert advice and Gait Analysis to ensure all customers are running in the correct shoes for their foot type.

Working in collaboration with CCF, Ecophon were able to advise the contractor to supplying an acoustic ceiling, as opposed to painting the soffit black. With the introduction of Sombra the customers are able to shop in acoustic comfort and Run Company benefit refurbishing their stores with a modern look.