AppAgent study - Good acoustics improve performance and customer satisfaction

At the vibrant AppAgent office, a poor and reflective sound environment led to constant disturbances from employees, phone conversations and meetings. During conference calls customers often commented on the noise and that it was hard to distinguish what was being said.

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Improving the ability to focus

AppAgent decided to improve the acoustic environment and this intervention has resulted in:

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • A 25–38% improvement in the clarity of speech index

How is this possible?

AppAgent’s office has open-plan sections, open meeting areas and closed meeting rooms. Sound from all the activities in the office bounced off all the hard surfaces and spread everywhere. The level of noise constantly disturbed employees and also made everybody raise their voices just to be heard. In the meeting rooms, speech basically just bounced back and forth, up and down, obscuring everything.

The effect of installing a sound-absorbing ceiling throughout the office is first and foremost that sound is absorbed close to the source, before it spreads. This reduces activity noise levels, reduces disturbances and lets people speak more quietly and still be heard. In the meeting rooms the soundabsorbing ceiling reduced the noise, and thus improved speech clarity significantly.

Peter Fodor, CEO of AppAgent


Ecophon solution

During the intervention it was decided that every area should have its own distinct look. Ecophon therefore provided five uniquely designed sound-absorbing ceilings: Ecophon Focus™ Dg, Ecophon Focus™ E, Ecophon Focus™ Ez, Ecophon Focus™ Lp and Ecophon Solo™ Circle.

The study

AppAgent is a mobile marketing agency with 15 employees in Prague, Czech Republic. Acoustic solutions were installed in six areas/rooms of the office.

Want to know more?

  • Read our case study (see below) about AppAgent to learn more about the solution that was done using a combination of acoustic ceilings and free-hanging units. 

  • Or if you want help, guidance or inspiration to support the creation of a good sound environment, please contact our local acoustic experts. Just fill in your contact information and questions below and we will get back to you!