Close-up of Connect grid system installation

Grid systems

Connect™ grids, profiles and accessories are engineered to simplify installations with a precise, robust and safe result. Connect™ is available in a variety of colours and treatments, enabling a high level of design flexibility for most environments.
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Ceiling grids

Close-up of dark red suspended acoustic ceiling with matching grids

Safe and stable installations

Our ceiling grid systems consist of Connect Main Runner and Connect Cross Tee. The grids are manufactured in a roll forming process and both the body and visible capping are made of galvanised steel. Every single component is designed for the systems to meet the toughest demands.

Coloured grids

Our Connect range of grids are available in several colours to match or complement our ceiling and wall panel solutions.

Connect™ Main Runner in different colours
Suspended acoustic ceiling in swimming pool

For corrosive environments

Connect offers two different types of grid systems specifically designed for humid and demanding indoor environments, such as swimming halls, kitchens and sanitary areas.

Our grid systems are available in corrosion class C3 and C4.


Wall profiles

Profiles for wall installations

The range also includes several wall profiles allowing you to get creative with your Akusto wall installations.

You can use the profiles to create patterns, mount them floor to ceiling, vertically, horizontally or as single point installations.

Close-up of acoustic wall panel with profile



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