Focus - Additional systems

Within the Ecophon Focus™ family there are six unique additional solutions for level changes, wall endings and free-hanging ceilings, designed to give the ceiling an integrated and appealing appearance.

Ecophon Focus™ WingEcophon Focus™ Wing

Focus Wing is installed as the perimeter of a floating ceiling used together with Ecophon Focus™ Ds or E. It is a system of wing-shaped absorbers for free hanging suspended ceilings. Focus Wing is an absorber in itself, with Akutex™ FT surface covering the glass wool core.

Focus Wing is available for Focus Ds and E.



Ecophon Focus™ FixiformEcophon Focus™ Fixiform

Focus Fixiform is used to create distinct transitions between different levels of ceiling either to accommodate various service installations in the ceiling void or to add shape and structure to the room.

Focus Fixiform is available for Focus Ds and E.


Ecopho Focus™ FlexiformEcophon Focus™ Flexiform

Focus Flexiform panels are delivered flat and formed on site into concave or convex form by means of special profiles. It is ideal for creating surfaces with special curvatures, or if the dimensions of the installations etc. above the suspended ceiling can not be accommodated by using preformed ceiling elements.

Focus Flexiform is available for Focus A.


Ecophon Focus™ Ds level changeEcophon Focus™ Ds Level change

Focus Ds Level change is an innovation by Ecophon. By using Connect™ grid system you can address a need for a level change in the ceiling by using whole Focus Ds panels. This means you use the same panels as in the rest of the ceiling.

Perfect for installers. Perfect for the appearance.


Ecophon Focus™ FriezeEcophon Focus™ Frieze

Focus Frieze is used when a smooth continuous transition between the ceiling and the wall is desired. The frieze can be connected to the wall without any visible trims. The frieze panels are absorbers in themselves, with Akutex™ FT surface covering the glass wool core.

Focus Frieze is available for Focus A, Dg, Ds and E.


Ecophon Focus™ Edge 500Ecophon Focus™ Edge 500

Focus Edge 500 is a system used to create free-hanging units where the installation of a wall-to-wall ceiling is not possible or desired, but good sound absorption is still needed. Such applications are, for example, over a certain area in a larger room or in case of concrete cooling or ventilation systems that do not allow full coverage of the ceiling. The system consists of Connect Edge 500 Profile, Connect Edge 500 Corner and additional Connect™ accessories, which together form a well-designed perimeter trim.

Focus Edge 500 is available for Focus Dg, Ds and E.