Achim Klein

A0244748_ACK_Achim Klein.jpgMusic, sound and noises have always fascinated me. My journey into the world of acoustics began with my studies in the early 2000s which guided me through various countries, among others the UK, France and Germany. During my doctorate, I carried out in-depth research on the perception of noise and its cognitive effects on humans.

While working as an acoustics consultant, I quickly became aware that rooms are only rarely considered holistically and that key variables with regard to health and well-being are often neglected. It is essential to not only focus on the technical aspect of a space but more importantly on the people that use it.

Integrating those individual requirements into the planning process is key. In this way, acoustic-ergonomic spaces can be created to promote health, well-being and productivity.


Spaces should be the result of an integrated, holistic planning process and the consideration of the human aspect must always be central to this.

I’m passionate about acoustics and aim to contribute to visually and acoustically sound environments through raising awareness of this all-encompassing subject.