Acoustics - our favourite subject!

We know sound. We get involved in research projects about sound, conduct our own tests, have constant dialogues with acousticians and people that are affected by sound in some way. Moreover, we know how sound affects people. 

In our acoustic knowledge bank we have gathered our comprehensive knowledge about sound and acoustics in one place to make it easier for you to learn more.

What is good acoustics

The importance of acoustics is underappreciated. Sound impacts us in daily life, and the scientific support for improving our indoor sound environments is well-documented.

How to create good room acoustics

When designing good room acoustics, you need to go through the process of identifying the activities that are to take place, the people who are performing the activities and what type of space it is. This will lead to a designated acoustic solution.

Basic acoustics

Sound can be a lot of things. Music, speech and noise to name a few. But what is sound, how does it work? And how is it affected by how a room is built? Welcome to basic acoustics.

Sound insulation

We have all been there. Hearing what is being said on the other side of the wall, ceiling or floor. When this happens, sound insulation is poor. But how do you stop sound from spreading through the building? Learn more about sound insulation and its solutions.

Room acoustic descriptors

Reverberation is the most commonly used parameter to measure sound. However, when creating a good indoor sound environment there are more parameters that need to be considered, like sound strength, sound propagation and speech clarity.

Acoustics glossary

There are quite a few specific expressions and phrases used in the acoustic world, we know. We have therefore gathered the most common in this acoustics glossary, where you can browse or quickly look up a certain word.

Meet the experts

We are the experts who want to share articles, research and case studies concerning room acoustic design, communication and health issues in the indoor acoustic environment.

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