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The building of opportunities helps rest the eye, ear and mind

Seinäjoki’s building of opportunities, better known as M-talo or Building M, forms a vital part of the recovery process. Pieces of art, images of nature, lighting that imitates the rhythm of the day, and a calming acoustic environment support the wellbeing of both patients and healthcare staff.

Good acoustic environment is key to high quality of life for people with memory disorders

It is estimated that the number of people with memory disorders will almost double over the next 30 years. Accessible hearing environments and good acoustics support those with memory disorders in their everyday lives and maintaining their independence.

Grønnköpingkið – world's greenest hospital

The Nordic region is considered to be at the forefront when it comes to sustainable healthcare. To meet the increasing interest from international stakeholders, the Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare has gathered companies working with sustainable solutions and created the fictive Grønnköpingkið University Hospital.

Coach+Result training and coaching

Ulvenhout, Netherlands

Medical call centre, LUX MED

Białystok, Poland

Medical centre, LUX MED

Kraków, Poland

Cultural Center Petrovice

Petrovice, Czech Republic

Public library, Szczecin

Szczecin, Poland

Herkules office

Katowice, Poland

XV Secondary School

Warsaw, Poland

Acoustic Design Guide: Telehealth

This Acoustic Design Guide contains a quick and accessible introduction to the most important acoustic design aspects of rooms used for telehealth – meaning rooms with video and audio equipment.

Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology

Warsaw, Poland

Central Fire Station Přerov

Přerov, Czech Republic

Winter Stadium

Novy Jicin, Czech Republic

Sports hall

Otrokovice, Czech Republic

Masaryk University

Brno, Czech Republic