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Sound, acoustics and treatment spaces

In Denmark, there is a popular proverb saying ‘you need to have a strong health to survive a hospital stay’!

Company restaurant

Best, The Netherlands

Deloitte Churchill Square

Prague, Czech Republic

Pure Storage

Prague, Czech Republic

Opinmäki Campus

Espoo, Finland

The epic journey of activity-based working

Activity-based working is more than desk sharing. Find out how the experts at Veldhoen + Company explains it.

Good acoustics reduce the need for medication

In a study of chest pain patients at the intensive coronary heart unit at Huddinge University Hospital, Sweden, researchers found that a good sound...

Impact of noise in education - A research summary

Explore the definitive evidence linking the impact acoustics and noise has in learning environments and students’ ability to learn.

Creating a secure environment for those with memory disorders

Memory disorders affect a person’s ability to interpret both their physical and acoustic environment.

Good acoustics lower heart rates

An extensive survey found that 80% of teachers were stressed by noise.

Good acoustics reduced hospital readmissions by 56%

In a study of chest pain patients at the intensive coronary heart unit, researchers found that a good sound environment reduces hospital readmissions by having a good sound environment.

Good acoustics improve performance and customer satisfaction

At the vibrant AppAgent office, a poor and reflective sound environment led to constant disturbances...

Doosan Bobcat: Creative company campus reflects the corporate brand

When the world’s leading manufacturer of compact excavators and loaders, Doosan Bobcat...

AppAgent Office

Poor speech intelligibility and echos made the management of AppAgent take acoustic measures for a better sound environment.

Telakkaranta Auditorium

Helsinki, Finland

Biitsi at Shopping Center Tripla

Helsinki, Finland