Cees van Wezel

Starting out as a student I chose to study psychology to learn what makes us tick. During my career I started looking for a way to apply psychology to create a more sustainable living environment. I ended up studying Environmental Psychology because I want to improve health-care facilities in the long run.

As I hear an acoustician talk I hear pure beta language: physics, waves, and matter. Take a step back and see what the rest of the world says about acoustics [opening Wikipedia]: “hearing is one of the most crucial means of survival, and speech is one of the most distinctive characteristics of human development and culture”.

So acoustics is not simply the science of a wave, or our perception of that wave. It seems to be about both peoples’ perception and hard core physics. The hard and the soft so to speak. And this is exactly what attracts me to this field. The interaction between the physical environment and the way people perceive their surroundings. Therefore, to me, room acoustics is a particularly interesting subject as it is the environment we spent 90% of our time.


Together we can contribute to the field, raise awareness, and create healthy environments. Let’s have a sound effect on people!

Healthcare in particular is the environment where acoustics has a paramount effect on safety, health, and wellbeing of people in need of getting better. It is therefore vital that companies, like Ecophon, address the issue of good room acoustics. I, myself, am proud to be part of this movement. Will you join me?

If you want help, guidance or inspiration to support the creation of a good sound environment , please contact me on cees.vanwezel@saint-gobain.com.