Mai-Britt Beldam

maibritt_350px.jpgSounds. Sounds have always been important for me and when I graduated from Danish gymnasium I chose to study French – because of the music of the language. Phonetics became my favorite subject! After a job as an English/German teacher in France I continued to study – this time ancient Greek. The ancient constructions now had my attention and the minimal structures of Parthenon still give me the chills! Today I feel that I combine my passion about sounds and constructions working with room acoustics in healthcare premises - even though my Master’s Degree never predicted a future in engineering.

Since 2007 room acoustics have been a big part of my life and working first with room acoustics in education facilities in Denmark and now healthcare facilities globally has taught me one important thing: We are not there yet.

All around the world patients and staff are affected by sound and bad acoustics. Patients can’t recover and need more medication because of bad acoustics – and healthcare staff are in danger of making mistakes because of increasing sound pressure levels in more and more complex situations.


I know we can make it better for people and that’s why I go to work every day.

If you want help, guidance or inspiration to support the creation of a good sound environment , please contact me on or follow me in social media, see above.

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