Rainer Machner

Rainer MachnerA term is following me since my first days at Ecophon – interdisciplinary. Even my time at university was led by an interdisciplinary approach. The reason to decide about my study of hearing technology and audiology as a young boy that time, was to learn something which is effecting me personally on a daily base and to change something for others. So – I become an engineer.

It can't be accepted, that our own capacity, everything you learned, your skills and creativity is more effected by your surroundings than by ourselves. And if this is a fact, we have to define the key parameters of our surroundings in its best way. This interaction is fascinating for me.

I want to understand the human perception and its dependencies and bring this together with our physical environment in a supporting way. The modern digital possibilities could help everyone to understand this complex area and helps us to create a workplace which is really encouraging, healthy and even brings fun.