Raumakustik verbessern

Good acoustics matter everywhere

Today we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Isn’t it time we enjoyed the sound of nature there too?

An ideal indoor sound environment

The importance of acoustics is underappreciated. Sound impacts us in daily life, and the scientific support for improving our indoor sound environments is well-documented.

And what exactly is an ideal indoor sound environment for people?
One based on how we experience sound outside. The human auditory sense is naturally adapted to an outdoor environment where there is not any sound reflections from ceilings and walls.

That’s why most of what we do at Ecophon is about replicating the acoustic qualities found in nature for indoor environments. We want to optimise indoor spaces to our natural way of hearing, so that speech and sound is easy to hear and understand, when needed, improving performance and wellbeing.


Usually that starts with the ceiling. A wall-to-wall acoustic ceiling is the easiest way to get a large sound-absorbing surface area into a space, and is usually the best way to reduce sound strength, shorten reverberation times, and increase speech clarity and overall hearing comfort.

But for a truly optimal sound environment, you’ll also likely need different kinds of sound absorbers placed strategically throughout the space–wall-mounted panels and free-standing dividers are just two examples. In other words, a holistic approach is the best way to reduce the overall sound level and sound propagation in a room. Ecophon is here to help.