When cleanability is key

Due to high cleanability requirements, the production environment in the beverage industry typically consists of bare, hard surfaces. Bottling lines, filling lines and conveyor belts combined with open spaces generate very high noise levels and echo effects.

This can create both safety and health hazards in a production environment that requires alertness and concentration. However, any sound-absorbing system installed must not have a negative impact on hygiene. The Ecophon Hygiene™ systems offer acoustic ceilings and sound absorbers with surfaces that are stain protected and grease resistant.


  • Reducing noise level due to machines and hard surfaces.
  • Reducing sound propagation in open spaces.


  • Use sound a absorbing ceiling to reduce noise levels.
  • Use baffles where a wall-to-wall ceiling is not possible.
  • Utilize wall panels to reduce sound propagation in open spaces.

Product recommendation

For best results, we recommend combining solutions from the list below. Please visit the corresponding product page specified in the table to identify what solution best fit your needs.

Area requirements Ceiling solutions Free-hanging units Wall solutions
Stain protection, weekly wet wiping.

Hygiene Performance Plus A(Connect C3)

 -  -
Stain protection, high pressure washing 2/year. Hygiene Performance Plus A
(Connect C3
Hygiene Performance Baffle
(Connect C3)
Hygiene Performance Wall
(Connect C3)
Dirt, grease and chemical resistance, daily high pressure washing. Hygiene Advance A
(Connect C3)
Hygiene Advance Baffle
(Connect C3
Hygiene Advance Wall
(Connect C3)