The typical canteen is a large open space with a high soffit. There are many conversations at the same time and constant noise from tableware and cutlery. Without proper sound absorption, sound will bounce off hard surfaces, creating echoes that will spread in all directions. This will cause sound levels to increase dramatically, resulting in a very stressful and uncomfortable environment.


  • Preventing the sound level from escalating.
  • Keeping sound from spreading in all directions and to adjacent areas.


  • Use a highly sound-absorbing ceiling.
  • Cover as much as possible of the walls with wall absorbers.
  • Place canteens away from areas that are especially sensitive to intrusive noise.

Product recommendation 

Product combination Total acoustic performance Impact resistance / Durability  Ceiling surface
Ceiling: Master 
Wall: Akusto Wall
5 3 Akutex™ FT
Ceiling: Gedina + Extra Bass 
Wall: Akusto Wall
5 3 Akutex™ T
Ceiling: Gedina
Wall: Akusto Wall
3 3 Akutex™ T

This recommendation is for this particular activity and space, based on a comparison between Ecophon products. The scale applied ranges from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest score.