Good acoustics for formal meeting activities will:

  • support good speech communication
  • provide good speech privacy not allowing sound leakage to other spaces

To have constructive meetings it is important that we hear each other clearly; everybody should be able to easily follow and participate in the conversations, presentations and discussions. However, it is also important to prevent the sounds of the meeting from spreading to others in the office.

A meeting room is almost always furnished with lots of equipment, such as humming projectors and speakers for telephone and video conferences. At the same time there are often two glass walls and a third that has the obligatory whiteboard. Speech will bounce off all these hard surfaces, creating echoes that obscure speech.


  • Hindering wall-to-wall echoes.
  • Ensuring speech clarity.
  • Keeping sound from entering and leaving the pace.
  • Preventing low-frequency disturbance.


  • Use a superior sound insulation.
  • Use a sound-absorbing ceiling with good absorption qualities at low frequencies to create sound insulation.
  • Add wall absorbers covering at least one wall

Acoustic considerations

Sound insulation, speech clarity and low frequencies (especially if video conferencing equipment is installed). 

Product recommendations

Find below a list of recommended products. Please visit the corresponding product page specified in the table to identify what solution best fit your needs.

Ceiling solutions Wall solutions
Focus Akusto Wall A
Master Akusto Wall C