The importance of the surface

The surface of an acoustic ceiling is vital in several aspects.

For the eye

An acoustic ceiling is often the largest continuous surface in a room, influencing the entire feel of the interior. Sometimes the ceiling is a visual design element, and sometimes a natural, timeless background, but it is the surface that is visible and so its interaction with the room in general is of fundamental importance.

For the ear 

The surface is of vital importance for a room’s acoustics, as it affects the degree of sound energy that is transmitted or reflected. The amount of sound energy absorbed by an acoustic ceiling is related to the board’s thickness, density, surface porosity and structure.  

For the mind

With the end-users’ functional and emotional wellbeing in mind, acoustic comfort and a positive ambience are of major importance in a room. The Akutex™ Surface Technology as well as our other surfaces are one part of a whole that ensures the best possible comfort for end-users. Our mission for the future also has a wider perspective – management of the earth’s resources.