Carbon footprint

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To get a transparent and scientific view of a product’s environmental impact, a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) can be performed. 

A LCA takes every step of the product’s life into account, from the harvest of raw materials to the production and end of life.

Life Cycle Analyses of Ecophon products are conducted in line with ISO 14040 and give a fully transparent overview of our environmental impact.

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)

Outputs from a product’s Life Cycle Analyses can be processed and presented in a standardized way in documents called Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

An EPD is a type III environmental declaration, which means that it always has to be revised and certified by a third party. Ecophon’s EPDs are done in compliance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804. The third party verification is performed by the Swedish environmental institute IVL.