Leesman report dedicated to noise in the workplace

Only 30% is satisfied with noise levels in the office according to Leesman survey

The latest edition of Leesman Review is dedicated to noise in the workplace; something barely 30% of the over 100 000 respondents are satisfied with but is the strongest likely indicator of perceived poor productivity.  

Acoustician Colin Rawlings confirms this perception by explaining that we lose 10-15 minutes of concentrated work every time we are interrupted by unwanted noise.  

Philip Vanhoutte, chair of Leesman’s Advisory Board says that business leaders “have to pay attention. And we have to accept that if a mass of respondents that big tell us something isn’t working, it isn’t working!”

He continues;

Statistically, dissatisfaction with noise levels is the strongest indicator of perceived poor productivity. So business leaders be aware - noise is an issue. And it is costing you dearly.

The fact that there’s been a lot of research in the area allows us to calculate what that cost could be.

Our own office acoustics expert, Paige Hodsman, cites research around acoustics and productivity. She concludes that good acoustics would mean savings of £100 per square metre per year in addition to other savings such as reduced illness-related absenteeism and general satisfaction.

Read the full Leesman Review here - which also includes lots of details about the survey findings and an interesting case study about Plantronics new office, known as Soundscape which “celebrates the presence of sound but acknowledges the destructive nature of noise”. 


About Leesman

Leesman measure the performance of office spaces.

Their Leesman Index is a score given to a workplace indicating how well the workplace is supporting the employee in the work they are undertaking.

Their survey has been taken by over 108 000 respondents, in 49 countries, on 893 locations.