Sustainable Sound Environments for Intelligent People

The sound office is a vital part of a sustainable working life. To be able to create a sound office you need to consider the following:

Activity Based Acoustic Design

During a working day the office should support the variation of different activities from focus work to various forms of meetings, video conferences, on the phone, team work and multi-tasking.

Understanding the interaction of the People involved, the Activity taking place and the qualities of the Space is crucial for a successful and sound working environment. 

We at Ecophon call this approach Activity Based Acoustic Design

Office environment

1Make room for brain work - create a variation of environments

2For the open-plan office – focus on minimizing speech propagation 

3For enclosed rooms – focus on speech clarity 

If you achieve this, there will be many benefits for both staff and companies, thus a sustainable workplace. Good acoustics in the office can for example:

  • Reduce adrenaline levels with 30%
  • Improve task motivation with 60%
  • Improve performance during concentration demanding tasks with up to 50%
  • Improve mental arithmetic performance with 20% 

Acoustic solutions for different office areas

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Frans Davidsson

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